why a portrait
liminate something superfluous from your life. Break a habit. Do something that makes you feel insecure”


-Piero Ferrucci

hat lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us"


-Ralph Waldo Emerson


We live in a world where a great deal of money is used for individual consumption. Massage sessions, spa visits, personal development and the like aim at enhancing your well-being.
I see portraiture as another way of strengthening and developing your self esteem and your pride in yourself. Once food, love and security are satisfied, self-fulfilment enters the arena. A portrait can be the trigger and the catalyst that energises and realises
this self-fulfilment. A portrait reveals the uniqueness of your character.My challenge—to open your eyes to your full potential as the subject of a portrait!

How do I get my portrait painted?

I use a photograph as a model—a photograph and an overall understanding of your character are the basic prerequisites for a good painting. I place a value in meeting you. It is important for me that you tell me a little about yourself since your interests give me an insight into your personality. Personal psychology impacts on physical expression in painting! So your personality is an essential part of my portrait art and your personal attributes are my driving force. The result I am striving for is a unique work of art that does full justice to your own uniqueness.


Painting takes time. Time is also a reflection of the worth of a painting. If you compare the time it takes to complete a portrait with the lifetime of the portrait, it takes a comparatively short time to finish a painting. Your investment will be personal as well as financial.

How do I order a portrait?

You begin by contacting me. We have a talk about your requests, your time and your conditions. Then I quote you a price. It takes from a week to a couple of months to complete a painting. It all depends on how large and how detailed the painting is. I am flexible when in comes to this—your requirements dictate the nature of my work.



Do you want to see your personality realised in art?

I’m the one to get you there!



© Flisberg Porträtt 2008
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