said about my art
t’s not so often you see such genuine talent for colour as you have—you should make good use of it

-Teacher at Art School

nnika’s artistic work is both energetic and enduring and I truly believe she can attain her professional goals”

-Johan Lagergård
Principal of Domen Art School, Gothenburg, Sweden, and artist

can see my mother in my face”

-Said by a model


I have spent over a decade painting.

In my earlier professional career I’ve been working as a nurse within the fields of cardiac surgery and palliative domestic care.

I have invested in over 5 years of personal psychotherapy which has resulted in a deeper and more natural access to my creativity.

I have attended and finished a 2-year program at Domen Art
School in Gothenburg, Sweden.

I have attended and finished 2 semesters studying at the Department of Art History and Visual Studies at the University
of Gothenburg, Sweden.

My passion and great interest in painting is constantly pushing me to explore new ways of expression.

© Flisberg Porträtt 2008
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