et me take care of your character and treat it
with reverence and respect that you deserve
or me, painting is like a story that stimulates the imagination and draws
the soul to a place full of anticipation, excitement, wonder and pleasure”


-J .P. Hughston, painter

ainting is an attempt to reconcile yourself with life.
There are as many solutions as there are people”


-George Tooker


My work is somewhat like the work of the scientific scholar.
I try various ways and chose the ones representing your essence and colorful sides the best. The process is a dialogue thru which you evetually become a great piece of art. A daring choise of color and a determined and characteristic expression are my artistic trademarks. I paint ”à la Prima”, using a plenteous painting technique directly on the canvas. Are you looking for a higher state of well being? Art in general and being the object yourself in particular has the power to take you there!

A family portrait strengthens the ties between family members. It shows and brings clarity to the power of your loved ones as a group and has the ability to visualize the love within this crucial unit in a quite unvaluable way. A personal portrait confirms how you can take pride in who you are and it also has the ability to boost your self-esteem. To others as well as to yourself it shows your unique and special character. In my studio you have the opportunity to advance and move forward in life thru my practise of a painting tradition evolved over several centuries. I nurse and develop this tradition thru my own knowledge and artistic temperament. You can become an unforgettable part in history. Guided by my professional skills as an artist you can make a colorful decision that brings forward and demonstrates your individualism. Having a personal portrait painted is a unique chance to see yourself mirrored in an amazing art piece in which you will appear in a dramaticly new way.

Then there is also the opportunity to experience the joy and thankfulness by the reciever if you decide to have someone else portrayed. As a wedding gift, for an anniversery or simply as a sign of appreciation—to have a portrait painted of a loved one is a truly wonderful gift, both to recieve and to give away. Let me discover and explore the unique personality you carry within. Let me treat that special spirit with the respect and humbleness it deserves and bring it out for more people to see. Let your corporate vision find its realisation in art. A work of art can communicate your company’s values directly and immediately. Art can bring your vision into focus every single day!

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