ook and you will find – what you do not look for, remains undiscovered”




olour is not something that you colour with; colour has a life of its own”


-Karl Isakson


For over a decade painting has been a major part of my life.
I was educated at Domen Art School in Gothenburg, Sweden
and finished a 2-year program for painting there. I have also deepened my theoretic and academic artistic knowlegde by studying for two semesters at the Department of Art History
and Visual Studies. Earlier in my professional life I’ve worked
as a hospital nurse and by combining my experiences from this field with my artistry I’ve achieved a deeper understanding of human nature. This has enabled me to use a more precise psychological modelling when specializing in painting portraits. The human character is a crucial part of my work.
I search until I find a tone and scale of color that represents you the best. My task as a painter is to find and manifest the unique line of communication possesed by the client.

I observe and register and this is the key to enable an artistic expression. Another startingpoint is found in my deep interest in psychology, an interest I nurse meticulously. I’m very careful when trying to find the psychological vibrato of color for every new object I paint and I constantly try to step outside the path of habit.

It’s absolutely vital to continuesly change the pattern to not get caught in what’s usually called old wheel tracks. I always try to enter a virgin field, hence that is where I find my creativity and feel challenged. To encounter the unknown is a very important part of my working process and a vital condition for my persuit of new ways of expression.
My technique

As an artist I have specialized in painting portraits. I work using a very expressive ”à la prima technique”. My painting is a cross road for the abstract and the figurative. Without any preparatory sketching I shape and model the paint directly on the canvas. The paint is used as building bricks in my work and the human architecture is an important source of inspiration for me. The way I prepare a painting is by studying previous works by others and myself and those become the foundation of an idea of shape and color. As the clients distinct and personal character is added into the process an entirely unique piece of art is created.

What are my strategies for developing
as a painter

I never stop the process of education and devote the greater part of my time studying the arts. I do a lot of field- and study trips to places I feel can help me develop my own skills further. An unforgettable example of such a trip took me to Venice in Italy where the encounter with the art of Giotto and Tintoretto made a profound inpression on me. Visiting the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdan, Holland, has inspired my work tremendously while working with new sets of colors. However, the strongest impression so far came when attending an exibition of the works of Norwegian artist Edward Munch at Moderna Muséet in Stockholm a few years ago. In Munchs art the personal vibrato of the motive is incredibly present, there is passion and a vital nerve in every stroke. It’s an honour to be able to experience art when expressed as in the paintings of Edward Munch and the psychological awareness of this artist has become a paragon in my own work. Paint, color and artistry has an ability to communicate in a very direct and precise way.

What ambitions do I have?

I unite the constant search of the artist with the human knowledge of the nurse. It’s all about the condition between the human and the color and in between humans per se. Is it possible to detect links between the physical existence and the created art? Are the ingredients of life and art not the very same? The nerve of life, the rythm, the flow and brief moments of rest – it can all be expressed on the canvas. It is only the human life, but also in its every form that can be described in art. I visualize and focus psycholigical experiences in my artistic work. Hence, my task becomes to make you visible thru my artistic experience.

What can you obtain?

The goal of my business is to deliver a value to you. What you get is an amazing piece of art by my hand and a colorful portrait of yourself. You as a unique character will inspire me to do my best painting ever.


Feel very welcome to contact me

Annika Flisberg


© Flisberg Porträtt 2008
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